All ingredients in my soap go thru a process called saponification in which oils are mixed with a sodium hydroxide (lye) solution. This exothermic chemical reaction results in glycerin and a type of other words: SOAP. There is no lye present after the curing period....just a hard, bubbly bar that gently cleans your skin without stripping it of natural oils. Our soap is superfatted at approximately 5%....which simply means we calculate the lye to saponify all but 5% of the oils, to allow for extra skin conditioning. All our ingredients are natural except for skin-safe synthetic fragrance and essential oils.
The Real Soap Co. products are friend and family tested. Please discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Our formulations include combinations of the following, though not every ingredient is in every product. Specific ingredient lists are available by request for individual products. Please contact me with any questions regarding this list or any of our ingredients.

Buttermilk, Purified Water

Superfatting Oil/Butter
Avacado Oil

Base oil: Palm
Bubbling oils: Palm Kernel, Coconut
Conditioning and Moisturizing oils: High Oleic Sunflower, Olive, Castor

Natural Additives
Silk fibers; various herbs, seeds, spices; pulverized almonds and oats; citric acid; clays; essential oils, limited skin-safe fragrance oils

NOTE: The FDA requires labeling (including the INCI ingredient names) on all cosmetic items except soap for sales in the USA.