Why I Make Soap

A bit of history:
Many folks wonder how I got into making soap from scratch.  Here's the story:
In 2007, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and told to buy only organic body products.
Having been a customer of several mom-owned soap companies, and curious about the art of soapmaking, and I decided one small thing I could do to support my mom was make natural soap for her. 

Unfortunately, the cancer returned 4 years later, and my mama passed away in September 2012 after a brave, but brutal battle.  
I continue to make my soap as a memorial to her loving spirit and courageous heart.

It's a joy to work with simple raw ingredients to produce a lovely, but useful, daily luxury.  

I began selling to friends and family, marketing via my blog and social networks.

I appreciate you stopping by to browse.  Let me know if you need any little thing.....